We are working on VR TRAINER, a virtual training ground for the clinical procedures.


To ensure a high degree of competency among opticians and a streamlined way of furthering their education, we developed an e-learning platform.

Our challenge

Alcon is a company that produces surgical, pharmaceutical and eye care products. They service eye experts and their patients in more than 180 countries worldwide. They have a continious need to enhance professional skills and knowledge of their product line, as well as the latest techniques across countries.

This can often pose a challenge and it's not always possible for staff, distributers and partners to participate in seminars, which can be costly and require expensive planning.

Alcon e-learning - Wacky Studio

An inspiring and simple e-learning environment for skill development

Our approach

Our goal was to develop a solution to streamline and simplify the process so that the enhancing of qualifications was made more accessible and flexible. From the beginning, our focus was aimed at making the seminars available when and where the participants needed them.

We also wanted to develop an inspiring and simple e-learning environment with a combination of video, multiple choice tests and gamification.

Alcon e-learning - Wacky Studio
Alcon e-learning - Wacky Studio
Alcon e-learning - Wacky Studio

The solution

We developed a streamlined and user-friendly e-learning platform optimized for mobile and desktop units. The solution includes a personalized dashboard for the course participants where all the data from ongoing and completed seminars is displayed via simple graphics. The participant can begin and pause assigned courses as needed, and continuously check results and personal progression.

Alcon, which is responsible for the course materials, has also designated the combination of courses, user management, user groups, and statistics on different levels using the dashboard.

The platform is developed with modularity in mind, making it easy to add-on more features as needed in the future.

Alcon e-learning - Wacky Studio

Our conclusion

We're confident that this e-learning platform is the road to success for Alcon. Qualification enhancement has been made available and now obstacles such as costs, travel time and logistics are no longer an issue. The student participates whenever it's convenient regardless of time and location.

Digital learning environments are the future, where accessibility is an absolute must and skill development is a part of everyday work life.

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  • Design Strategy
  • User interface design
  • User experience design
  • Laravel based backend
  • Vue.js single page application