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Næsbyhoved Skov

Branding for the old, traditional restaurant - beautifully located in the heart of Odense with a view of the water and beech forest

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Our challenge

The old restaurant got a new lease holder, Morten Hansen, and this sparked a radical turnaround. Through the years, the proud traditions had been honored and classical gastronomy was guaranteed. An old-timey oasis within a busy city with its own beauty and popularity among the older generation.

Sadly, time was running out for the old establishment. With a dwindling revenue and an older generation decreasing in size, renewal was desperately needed. Our challenge was clear: A new and improved version of the restaurant was necessary.

Næsbyhoved Skov branding - Wacky Studio

Branding with a modern twist, deeply seated in the old and traditional.

Our approach

Our goal was to combine the old and traditional with the new and modern. To create a brand in close collaboration with the new lease holder and add a breath of fresh air to Restaurant Næsbyhoved Skov, all the while showing deference and respecting its more than 100-year-old history.

Storytelling is how you weave the tale, create relations, and savor the food experience, all of which revolve around the new brand. Logo, pictures, and other brand elements add personality, edge, and the human experience that all work together to tell the story.

Næsbyhoved Skov branding - Wacky Studio
Næsbyhoved Skov branding - Wacky Studio
Næsbyhoved Skov branding - Wacky Studio

The solution

We began with an extensive analysis and mapping the architecture of the brand, the hierarchy, and relations. When we understood all the elements, we designed a comprehensive brand experience which is clean, accessible and authentic. The narrative is centered around the history of the place, its values, and modern gastronomy.

The new and modern brand system is developed in preparation for use on several platforms. The brand consists of a website, a webshop for sale of event tickets and food to go, logo design, print design, and a marketing strategy.

Næsbyhoved Skov branding - Wacky Studio

Our conclusion

We created a brand that's modern and fresh, all the while being respectful toward history and tradition. Working with the new lease holder, we've created the visions and direction of the "new" Restaurant Næsbyhoved Skov. The storytelling is approachable, visually appealing, and consistent across all platforms.

The website and webshop is designed to be straightforward and is developed for speed and accessiblity, centering around the needs of the customer. Since the launch, we've undertaken thorough SEO optimization and implemented a clear marketing strategy.

Despite a modern approach, we have ensured that the old DNA lives on within the brand. The restaurant welcomes all generations to an establishment that will be part of the Funen culinary legacy for years to come.

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  • Branding
  • Design strategy
  • User interface design
  • User experience design
  • Logo design
  • Website
  • Laravel & Vue.js based webshop