We are working on VR TRAINER, a virtual training ground for the clinical procedures.


To limit time and travel expenses when presenting the Novozymes facilities in Kalunborg, we developed a VR tour.

Our challenge

We collaborated with Nicolai Brix from B-Visuals to create a virtual reality tour of the Novozymes facilities in Kalundborg.

The goal of the project was threefold: First and foremost, Novozymes® wanted to limit time and travel expenses. Secondly, Novozymes® wanted to display their facilities without revealing classified business strategies and/or technologies. Lastly, they wanted to enable their sales team around the world to show the production facilities to potential clients.

Novozymes 360 video tour - Wacky Studio

Creating a new and innovative way for visitors to experience the production facilities in Kalundborg

Our approach

We knew that our client wanted the best possible virtual reality solution. They wanted the users of the virtual tour to feel that they were within the actual facilities.

Accordingly, we decided that the footage of the facilities was to be made using the Nokia OZO Nokia OZO 360 degree camera, which is capable of shooting 4k stereoscopic video for a unique visual experience.

In addition, we added full spatial audio using the Ozo's eight external microphones to create the most comprehensive virtual reality tour possible.

Novozymes 360 video tour - Wacky Studio
Novozymes 360 video tour - Wacky Studio
Novozymes 360 video tour - Wacky Studio

The solution

We decided to create two versions of the virtual tour.

The primary version was made for the high-performance HTC® Vive®-headset, which can handle high-resolution video. This version is designed for the full and uncompromising experience - a digital representation of a physical environment that's fun, engaging and superior.

The secondary version was optimized for Apple® iPhone® og iPad®. The reason for creating this version was a need for mobility and accessibility, enabling the sales team to access it on the go. We optimized the virtual tour for these units, which resulted in a simple and easily accessible virtual experience - ready for on the go use.

Novozymes 360 video tour - Wacky Studio

Our conclusion

During this project, we gained great insight into cross media production and how to utilize different parts of media to create a cohesive and useful product.

We discovered new aspects, processes and considerations regarding convenience and flexibility. Virtual reality is a medium for the future and we hope to collaborate on many more projects like this one in the years to come.

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  • Design strategy
  • iOS® development
  • Unity® development
  • Video production
  • Speak / sound