We are working on VR TRAINER, a virtual training ground for the clinical procedures.


The training environment of the future is virtual, developed in collaboration with experts and tailormade for healthcare professionals.

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Our challenge

Nurses, both new and experienced, as well as nursing students during their clinical work placement report that they experience uncertainty when it comes to remembering and safely carrying out a multitude of healthcare procedures.

A new hire therefore spends a great deal of time consulting and observing experienced colleagues, and generally reading up on descriptions of procedures. The recently hired staff question their competency in handling the procedure safely and experience that they are unable to meet the expectation of the clinic. Additionally, experienced nurses also report uncertainty surrounding several procedures.

The procedures are often interpreted differently, and the staff therefore provide different communication and information to their patients during their hospitalization. This jeopardizes patient safety and can result in a bad experience for the patient.

VR TRAINER - Wacky Studio

VR TRAINER is financed by the European Regional Fund and awarded by Welfare Tech under the PPI of Southern Denmark project.

Our approach

As part of the PPI projects in the Region of Southern Denmark 2019-2021, Wacky Studio receive support from the European Regional Fund. Among other things, the support is used for testing, adapting and documenting the effect of using VR TRAINER.

The project revolves around a simulation of inserting a feeding tube, which provides the staff with the opportunity to either refresh or test the procedure through a practical and realistic 3D environment.

The goal of the project is to test and further develop the procedure before documenting the effect of its use.

VR TRAINER - Wacky Studio
VR TRAINER - Wacky Studio
VR TRAINER - Wacky Studio

The solution

VR TRAINER is a Virtual Reality prototype made to simulate the insertion of a feeding tube so that the healthcare staff can either refresh or test the procedure through a practical and realistic 3D environment.

VR TRAINER guides the user virtually through the working procedure and it can be used by everyone without any prior specialized skills or education. With VR TRAINER the working procedure can be practiced without disturbances in an isolated and safe 3D environment, in which making mistakes is free of consequences and repetition is allowed as much as needed.

VR TRAINER is developed with roots in well-known and widespread mechanisms from digital game development. For instance, Gamification elements are utilized to guide and reward the user when the desired user behavior is achieved by visualizing targets in a comprehensible and tangible way. This way, synergy is created between didactics and the practical tasks that the user is presented with.

VR TRAINER - Wacky Studio

Our conclusion

Our aim is to convert several existing procedure descriptions to VR TRAINER in collaboration with experts in their field. Concrete working procedures will then be transferred to a virtual simulation environment.

VR TRAINER is expected to launch mid-2021 as a fully developed platform containing several clinical procedures. Hereafter, new clinical procedures will be continuously added as they are qualified and developed.

We collaborated with

Used expertise

  • Unity® development
  • 3D modelling / animation
  • Sound design
  • User interface design
  • Laravel based backend
  • Vue.js single page application
  • Flutter based Android/iOS application