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Harmonious and stylish design line with associated custom theme developed from scratch in WordPress.

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Our challenge

DRIAS is a consulting engineering company that was founded in 1989 when Benny Hansen and Chresten M. Petersen started their own company, the then consulting engineering company Benny Hansen A/S.

The company has developed over the years to be able to offer a wide range of consultancy within construction. DRIAS employs more than 30 employees, centrally located between the Triangle area, Aarhus and Herning and here has optimal conditions for providing advice throughout Denmark.

With many years in the industry, it was time for a change. The challenge was to create a new visual design line, communicated in line with solid professionalism and the great know-how that Drias has built up over many years. An industry characterized by sharp competition is reference projects, a particularly important showcase and thus an important focal point in the project.

Drias - Wacky Studio

When competent consultancy work meets soft and harmonious design lines

Our approach

Our goal was to develop a design line that supported the competent consulting work that Drias is known for. We wanted to create harmony between form and color with a modern twist, which is the cornerstone of the story of the great know-how the company contains.

We wanted a simple look from the start, with a clean color palette and a modern but modest typography that could appeal visually and widely.

Drias - Wacky Studio
Drias - Wacky Studio
Drias - Wacky Studio

The solution

We designed a simple and modern design, with simple colors and patterns in combination with elegant shapes, as a supporting element. The story of competent advice and great know-how really came into its own in the clear and simple presentation of the many good reference projects.

The design was transferred to a custom theme in WordPress, built from scratch, using plugins like Advanced custom fields. It is all built up in modules, which give great freedom for the design of your own subpages, without having to compromise on the design.

The theme has been developed so that it is easy to maintain and expand in the future, without having to start from scratch.

The total technology stack in the project is - WordPress, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML / SCSS (ITCSS).

Drias - Wacky Studio

Our conclusion

We have created a modern and long-lasting brand that supports the core values of Drias. The focus was kept on the strong reference projects and a story of competent advice with great know-how.

The WordPress theme is modular and easy to expand and maintain in the future with the use of a few plugins.

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