We are working on VR TRAINER, a virtual training ground for the clinical procedures.

GN Resound

Design and development of application as live interaction element for pictures, displayed on big screen in real-time via serverless cloud hosting.

Our challenge

GN Hearing was in the process of rebranding their entire assortment of products and labels, in this case GN Resound. To re-establish the philosophy behind the label and to sustain the values and brand identities of the company, GN Hearing invited their sales and marketing employees from all over the world to a large conference here in Denmark.

For this event, a live interaction element to supplement the existing visual presentations was needed. We introduced the idea of a user-defined application that the participants could use to share pictures and ideas from the event. The content was shown in real-time on a big screen via cloud hosting.

GN-Resound app udvikling - Wacky Studio

Naturally, the application was made as a thoroughly optimized cross-platform

Our approach

We chose to design and develop a light application, which could be combined with the existing design elements used at the conference. The design corresponded with the GN-Resound brand and a user-friendly level of interaction in which speed was a must.

Naturally, the application was made as a thoroughly optimized cross-platform, since the visitors were an expansive group using many different units. When uploading pictures - a core feature of the application - we had the idea of displaying them live as a big screen mosaic wall. This way, the participants were able to keep up with everyone else's experiences during the conference broadcast live on the big screen.

GN-Resound app udvikling - Wacky Studio
GN-Resound app udvikling - Wacky Studio
GN-Resound app udvikling - Wacky Studio

The solution

The result was a smooth application with an elegant and streamlined design corresponding well with the existing designs from GN-Resound. The application is developed with requirements of speed and few interactions needed from the user. The design guides the user through the steps and ensures that the process from start to finish takes mere moments.

Since the application had to handle a large amount of data in real-time, we chose to develop it as a serverless solution on the Amazon Web Services platform. This made it possible to create a stable and scalable solution, guaranteed to deliver real-time data.

GN-Resound app udvikling - Wacky Studio

Our conclusion

We delivered a smooth and streamlined application, designed with convenience and speed in mind. The participants were shown a live interaction element to supplement all the other events taking place. The effect was that the experience became less traditional and gave the participants something different to relate to.

The development process was short, intense and interactive, which necessitated planning and execution from all parties involved in order to finish on time.

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Used expertise

  • User interface design
  • Design strategy
  • Serverless backend
  • Vue.js single page application