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Laravel development

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Together, we build solid, well-executed, and purpose-driven solutions in Laravel that match your needs.

Laravel development

Laravel is a framework for web solution development that provides a solid foundation for any web project, where only imagination sets the limits for what you can build.

With over 12 years of history, this framework has established itself as a robust, secure, and especially future-proof way to build web solutions, used by major companies such as Disney, Warner Brothers, and The New York Times.

  • +10 years of experience in Laravel development
  • Focus on consulting and user experience
  • Optimization and scalability
  • Tailored solutions
  • Comprehensive solutions, including companion apps

Laravel: The Optimal Solution for Efficient Development and Technological Innovation

Why Choose Laravel?

Laravel places a strong emphasis on the developer experience, ensuring that building and maintaining web solutions in the framework is a pleasurable experience.

Furthermore, the framework boasts a large community that contributes numerous extensions and tools, making it possible to build the most complex solutions in a much shorter time and, consequently, at a lower cost.

Technologies & Tools

We work with the latest Laravel versions, including Laravel 10, as well as packages and software within the Laravel ecosystem, such as Laravel Forge, Laravel Vapor, Laravel Nova, Livewire, InertiaJS, and many more.

Our technology stack includes Laravel (PHP), MySQL, Redis, Vue.js, Laravel Forge, Laravel Vapor, or Laravel Nova, enabling us to tailor solutions to your needs.

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Customized Backend Solutions, Robust APIs, with Emphasis on Security and Support

Our Services in Laravel

At Wacky Studio, we have been using Laravel since its early days and, as a result, we have extensive experience in backend development with this framework. Throughout our journey, we have learned to use Laravel as a powerful tool for solving complex problems and challenges.

Our experience with Laravel includes the following:

Backend Development

Over the years, we have built customized solutions with Laravel as the backend, such as e-learning platforms with certificate issuance for students, webshops for restaurants that streamline workflows from food sales, event sales, to food preparation and packaging in the kitchen.

For us, a backend is not a rigid entity only for data storage but a dynamic tool with a multitude of opportunities to create value for you and your business.

API Development

Do you have an existing solution for which you would like to build a smartphone app? To enable external devices such as tablets, smartphones, or VR headsets to communicate with web solutions, it is necessary to develop an API for this purpose.

We have extensive experience in developing APIs that are secure, streamlined, and well-documented, to the extent that we have authored the book Build an API with Laravel, which has received high praise in the Laravel community worldwide.

Extensions and Modules

As mentioned earlier, we view a backend as a dynamic tool with opportunities, and these opportunities are often harnessed through extensions.

We have extensive experience in developing extensions for existing Laravel-based solutions, having built everything from companion apps for smartphones to smaller webshop modules, synchronization with inventory management software, and more. We respect the solution you already have and excel in adapting and creating an extension that adds value to your business.

Support and Maintenance

We have extensive experience in providing support and maintenance for Laravel-based solutions. Over time, we have supported and maintained many Laravel solutions on various server setups, with extensions of varying quality.

This has given us insight into the numerous challenges that can arise with server setups as well as the extensions and packages used in a solution. We can assist you in navigating these challenges and ensuring the optimization and maintenance of your solution.