We are working on VR TRAINER, a virtual training ground for the clinical procedures.

Vue.js development

We create a user-friendly frontend with Vue.js

Tailored and robust frontend solutions, with user-friendliness as the top priority.

Vue.js development

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework used to build user-friendly and interactive user interfaces for web solutions. The framework has been around for nearly 9 years and is greatly boosted by being the preferred frontend JavaScript framework for many Laravel backend developers.

In combination with Laravel, Vue.js contributes to creating a much better overall experience for a web solution that is hard to match with other technologies.

  • Over 8 years of experience in Vue.js development
  • Emphasis on consulting and user experience
  • Tailored solutions
  • Complete solutions in combination with Laravel
  • Progressive Web Apps

Better, smoother, and more interactive user experiences with Vue.js that are hard to match

Why Choose Vue.js?

Vue.js places a strong emphasis on making user interfaces more interactive and dynamic.

In traditional web solutions and websites, the user experience is often disrupted by page reloads and outdated page elements. Vue.js enables keeping the user in the flow, making it easy and intuitive to navigate within the solution. This is achieved by dynamically fetching data, ensuring smooth transitions, and allowing customization of interactions with various elements in the solution.

Technologies & Tools

We work with the latest Vue.js versions, including Vue 3, as well as packages and software within the Vue.js ecosystem, such as Vue Router, Vuex, Pinia, Vite, and many more.

Our technology stack includes Laravel (PHP), MySQL, Redis, Vue.js, Laravel Forge, Laravel Vapor, or Laravel Nova, enabling us to tailor solutions to your needs.

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Customized and Well-Designed Frontend Solutions, with a Focus on User Experiences and Solid Support

Our Services in Vue.js

At Wacky Studio, we have been using Vue.js for many years, in fact, before the framework was released in its first version. Therefore, we have extensive experience in frontend development with this framework. We have been a part of every change and mastered many areas where it can be applied. We have developed everything from complex user interfaces to banners on Google's ad platform using Vue.js.

Our experience with Vue.js includes the following:

Frontend Development

Over the years, we have built various customized solutions with Vue.js as the frontend framework, such as e-learning platforms with course setup through intuitive steps, webshops for restaurants with a robust and interactive order process.

Naturally, we also use Vue.js as the frontend framework for our solution VR TRAINER, which is used for training nurses across the country.

Vue.js + Laravel = ❤️

Since Vue.js is a frontend framework, it depends on a backend. Our expertise in Vue.js, as well as API development in Laravel, has made this a perfect match, allowing us to deliver tailored solutions at a very high level where we get the best of both worlds, both on the frontend and backend.

We also have extensive knowledge of API development and have authored the book Build an API with Laravel, which has received high praise in the Laravel community worldwide.

Extensions and Modules

We have extensive experience in developing extensions for existing Vue.js-based frontend solutions and have built everything from small components to further development of parts of an application to the complete reconstruction of an entire dashboard with many complex interactions.

We respect the solution you already have and excel in adapting and creating an extension that adds value to you.

Support and Maintenance

We have extensive experience in supporting and maintaining Vue.js solutions. We have supported and maintained many Vue.js solutions, both with and without Laravel as the backend. Therefore, we are familiar with the various challenges that may arise during the maintenance of a Vue.js app, as well as the extensions and packages used in a solution.

We can help you navigate these challenges and ensure the optimization and maintenance of your solution.